19 Apr 2017

Hale@Home heads to the country

Hale @home is our pre-boarding transition programme now in its 5th year. In 2017 we have 21 boys in the programme who work online with Michael Valentine and Heath McCabe each week, ensuring they get to know each other before the big journey to Brine House in January next year. Michael and Heath set off at the end of Term 1 each year to visit as many families as they can, to see how things are going for the boys in the Hale@home programme. Over the past two days Michael and Heath travelled over 1500 kms to catch-up with 14 of this year’s Hale@home families. Michael and Heath left early Sunday morning to join a morning tea in Mingenew at Naomi and Aidan Obst’s property. Then to Nungarin for a late afternoon meeting in the local beer-garden. Then breakfast in a cafĂ© in Lake Grace; before wrapping up in Popanyinning at the property of Royce and Kylie Dowling! It was fabulous to catch-up with the boys and to hear from their parents how they are enjoying the Hale@home programme. Discussions ranged far and wide about boarding; now, in times past, and, what it may look like in the future. A lot of cake and scones were consumed and it was great to see families sharing stories about their boarding journey as a family with other country families. It is always fabulous to visit families in their rural locations and hear about their unique and complex contexts. 


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22 Mar 2017

Hale School students Have Sum Fun with maths

Two teams of Hale students have won their divisions of the annual Have Sum Fun mathematics competition, held over the last two weeks.

After losing by one point last year, both the Year 5/6 team and the Year 7/8 team turned things around to win by one point this time around in a tiebreaker round. 

Intent on not playing the bridesmaids again, the boys gave it their all to win the Year 5/6 Metro category on 18 March at Penrhos College and the Year 7/8 North Metro category on 17 March at Duncraig Senior High School.

Run by the Mathematics Association of Western Australia, the Have Sum Fun competition is an exciting mathematics initiative that uses a quiz night format. Teams of six students race against the clock to solve four intense rounds of eight challenging problems.

Year 5/6 team member William Terry said the pressure was on after another team drew with a perfect scores, taking it to a tiebreaker. “It came down to one point; it was challenging, there were three really hard questions and the tiebreaker of course,” he said. “There were all different types of problem solving, multiplication and geometry. We felt very excited to come out on top.”

Congratulations also to the Year 11-12 team who came second and the Year 9-10 team who placed fourth in the competition.

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21 Feb 2017

Qiang Li's inspiring address at the 2017 SCSA Awards Ceremony at Government House, 15 February 2017

Qiang Li, Dux of Hale School 2015, was invited to speak to an audience of 750 people including the Governor of WA, the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO, the Minister for Education Mr Peter Collier, MLA..

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09 Jan 2017

Students Excel in 2016 WACE

Congratulations to all Hale School’s Year 12 students of 2016! Our Year 12 students worked very hard, showed perseverance and achieved outstanding results. Overwhelmingly, students achieved outcomes which reflected their capabilities. "Their results would not have been possible without the dedication of our exceptional teaching staff and the constant support of family members. A key factor in student achievement is the strength of the partnership between the student, the home and the school. At Hale we work constantly to maintain that partnership which underpins academic success and so much more.’’, said Acting Headmaster David Bean.
The number of Year 12 students at Hale in 2016 was 199. 181 or 91.4% students received an ATAR. 15 students received Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications.

General Exhibitions are awarded to the 50 students with the highest averages from five equated examination marks in ATAR courses with at least two from each of the humanities list and the sciences/ mathematics list.
Hale School students won 6 of the 50 General Exhibitions. Max Anderson Loake ( 3rd in the state), Adi Ganguly (12th),Yang Chen (16th) Lachlan Robinson (38th) Domenic Quail (42nd) and Haseeb Riaz (49th).

Subject Exhibitions are awarded to the top examination student in the state in a particular subject.
4 of the 40 Subject Exhibitions in ATAR subjects were won by Hale students. This was the highest number won by a single school. Congratulations to Michael Dawson (Economics), James Dingley (Engineering Studies), Zane Duffield (Mathematics Specialist) and Max Anderson Loake (Physics).

19 Certificates of Excellence were awarded to Hale students for being in the top half percent of the state in a subject.

Accounting and Finance: Zachery Comiskey and James Stevenson won two of the six Certificates of Excellence
Chemistry: Max Anderson Loake and Adi Ganguly won two of the 24 awarded in Chemistry
Economics: Michael Dawson, James Stevenson and Angus Gregg won three of the 13 awarded
Engineering Studies: James Dingley, one of two awarded
English: Angus Mackintosh, one of 56 awarded
Literature: Peter Havlat and Domenic Quail, two of eight awarded
Mathematics Methods: Matthew Blacker, Zane Duffield and Lachlan Robinson, three of 20 awarded
Mathematics Specialist: Zane Duffield won one of the seven awarded
Music: Peter Havlat won one of the two awarded
Physics: Max Anderson Loake, Zane Duffield and Lachlan Robinson, three of 18 awarded

This is a new award in 2016. A Certificate of Distinction is awarded for achieving 20 A grades, or 18 A grades and 2 B grades, over Years 11 and 12, in ATAR courses.

Edward Aitken, Robert Anderson, Max Anderson Loake, Alexander Angelkov, Julian Atlas, Taran Becker, Matthew Blacker, James Blair, Ryan Cawood, Yang Chen, Alexander Clapin, Zachery Comiskey, Keir Crabbe, Ben Culloton, Michael Dawson, James Dingley, Benjamin D'Souza, Zane Duffield, Adi Ganguly, Angus Gregg, Matthew Haddon, Benjamin Hamblin, Peter Havlat, Jamie Hepburn, Clayton Herbst, Daniel Hicks, Matthew Hyde, Jamie Jongeling, James Jovanoski, Adhish Kastha, Dylan Kay, Nicholas Kelly, Massimo Kirk, Kieran Langridge, Angus Mackintosh, Joshua May, Callum Parker, Mitchell Pratt, Domenic Quail, Joshua Renshaw, Thomas Renshaw, Haseeb Riaz, Lachlan Robinson, Samuel Rooney, Oliver Sanderson, Callum Scott, Christopher Shields, James Stevenson, Timothy Stoate, James Tazewell, Oliver Tomassone, William White, William Wu and Charles Young.

This is a new award in 2016 which recognises high achievement in ATAR and/or General courses, and/or VET qualifications.

Todd Bensky, Haydn Calvert, Xavier Burton, Samuel Buckley, Joshua Carter, James Coningsby, Grae Cumming, Benjamin Davidovic, Frank Daly, Max Evangelisti, Jake Everett, Blair Harding, Thomas Hann, Fraser House, Stuart Jardine, Alexander Johnson, William Lantzke, Richard Landa, Jacob Morris, Max Mussared, James O’Brien, Lachlan Pearce, Brendan Reed, Zach Roberts, Jordan Smith, Nicholas Stanley, Corey Taylor, Kelly Thomson, Andrew Waddell, Hanrui Yu and Rhyan Zavaleta-Power.

  • Total number of Hale students with an ATAR in 2016 was 182 from a total cohort of 199. There were also 15 CareerLink (VET) students and three students in neither category.
  • 91 or 50% of our ATAR students are in the top 10% of the nation with an ATAR of 90 or above.
  • 61 or 33.5% of our ATAR students are in the top 5% of the nation with an ATAR of 95 or above.
  • 20 or 10.9% of our ATAR students are in the top 1% of the nation with an ATAR of 99 or above.
  • In 2016 the median ATAR for Hale was 89.90 and for WA, 80.85.
  • Five students achieved the ‘perfect score’ of 99.95.  They were Max Anderson Loake, Matthew Blacker, Zane Duffield, Adi Ganguly and Lachlan Robinson. In WA as a whole, 16 students scored 99.95, thus 31.25% of these were from Hale.

Our top 20 students, all of whom achieved an ATAR over 99.0, were: Robert Anderson, Max Anderson Loake, Piyavat Apisampinvong, Julian Atlas, Matthew Blacker, Yang Chen, Michael Dawson, James Dingley, Zane Duffield, Adi Ganguly, Angus Gregg, Matthew Haddon, Benjamin Hamblin, Peter Havlat, Angus Mackintosh, Mitchell Pratt, Domenic Quail, Haseeb Riaz, Lachlan Robinson and James Stevenson.

Subject Exhibition winners (left to right) Max Anderson Loake, Michael Dawson, Zane Duffield and James Dingley.

General Exhibition winners (left to right) Yang Chen, Haseeb Riaz, Domenic Quail, Lachlan Robinson and Max Anderson Loake. Absent: Adi Ganguly

Perfect Scores (left to right) Zane Duffield, Lachlan Robinson, Matthew Blacker and Max Anderson Loake. Absent: Adi Ganguly

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