The health and wellbeing of the boys in our care is our number one priority.

We understand that it can be tough growing up in this day and age, with so many competing demands and expectations on a young person’s time and energy. As such, we provide a comprehensive and holistic pastoral care system across all levels of the school in order to give boys the tools to maintain their mental health and feel supported and known.

In the younger years, our class teachers are responsible for the day-to-day welfare of their students. They are supported by the School Chaplain, a School Psychologist, a dedicated Learning Support teacher, the Deputy Head of Junior School and the Head of Junior School.

Specialist wellbeing programmes taught in the Junior School focus on social and emotional learning, safety, building relationships, recognising and reporting abuse, and learning protective strategies.

Middle School is a time of transition for all students, regardless of whether they are new to the School or not. A new learning environment, increasing academic expectations, and the physical and emotional development of adolescent boys can make this a challenging time. Our Middle School staff are well aware of these challenges.

Each class has its own Pastoral Care Leader (PCL) – a teacher who is responsible for maintaining effective communication between students, parents and staff. Particular emphasis is given to boys entering the school for the first time and to boarding students. The PCLs are supported by the Head of Pastoral Care, School Chaplain, School Psychologists and the Head of Year 7.

The PCLs also teach the Middle School personal development programme, which focuses on the principles of Positive Education. This philosophy rests on the premise that teaching skills promoting character strengths and virtues also promotes learning and academic success. We explore topics such as growth mindsets, gratitude, positive relationships, communication, mindfulness and connection.

The House system provides an extra layer of peer support. Boys across Middle and Senior Schools are placed in House factions, where they develop positive relationships with boys across different year groups. 

Boarding students in Brine House also take part in a separate personal development programme, which relates to the needs of boys in boarding.

The House system provides the framework for day-to-day pastoral care in the Senior School. Each boy belongs to one of 10 houses, where they connect with boys across year groups in Middle and Senior Schools, and compete against the other houses in sporting and cultural competitions. The Head of House and Assistant Head of House are responsible for the wellbeing of boys in their house and communicate with parents.

Two of these houses are boarding houses, with the house faction also being the name of the boarding house in which the boys live – either Faulkner or Wilson House. Boarders also take part in a separate personal development programme, which relates to the needs of boys in boarding.

With Year 9 known to typically be a challenging year for adolescent boys, the Year 9 programme focuses on character development, providing students with engaging learning experiences that help them to understand themselves, connect with others and build character.

All Senior School students are offered additional support from the School Chaplain, School Psychologists, the Director of Students and Leadership, and Curriculum Support staff.


Hale School affirms the rights of students to feel safe at school. There is a no-tolerance approach to bullying, discrimination, harassment or abuse at Hale School.

Boys are taught the tools to develop productive and affirming relationships with peers and adults, and to support each other in a climate of mutual respect and care.

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