The Arts

Drama, Music and Visual Art are integral components within the School's curriculum.

While the Arts are appreciated and recognised as a central means of developing the creative imagination, some of the most valued educational outcomes of Drama, Music and Visual Art are creativity and flexibility of thought, willingness to experiment and take risks, growth in the personal qualities of confidence and self-esteem and increased skills of communication and self-expression.


We’d like to introduce you to Connor Delves. As a 2013 leaver, his story epitomises what we love about Drama at Hale. Among his many talents Connor played 1st XVIII football, was Captain of Drama and a School Prefect. And at Hale, he isn’t unique.

“For theatre, experience and immersion is everything. Being thrown into the deep end is a gift, working in ensemble theatre is essential and most importantly, growing as a human being through a multitude of productions is priceless. Hale Drama and the Redfoot Youth Theatre areincredibly unique, in that Hale is the only place that offers all of these things, at the highest standard, to any student who wishes to be involved. The versatility of the Hale Drama programme is truly astounding. For me, the decision to attend Hale and be involved in its Drama programme was quite easy. Any school can put on shows, any school can teach the curriculum, but not any school can give you the life experience and true taste of the professional and indeed academic theatrical world, like Hale does. I’m quite convinced on that. Musicals, plays, pantomimes, Shakespeare…outdoors, storytelling, workshops, international tours, exchanges, film experience, exposure and the list doesn’t stop there. It’s an opportunity to gain a theatrical worldliness that many actors won’t get the chance to experience in their whole career.

Hale Drama and Redfoot honestly were the driving force for me, in turning theatre from a passionate hobby, to a career path. The knowledge shared and the incredible life lessons learnt from the team will stay with me forever. I owe a lot to Redfoot and Hale Drama. I certainly would not be studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts without them. I will be forever grateful.”
- Connor Delves.

Drama encourages students to develop their oral communication and problem solving skills, enhances their ability to think laterally and increases their understanding of being critical viewers.

Drama students cover improvisation, theatre sports, play building, mask, commedia dell arte, puppetry, comedy, script writing, technical theatre, directing and theatre history.



Hale Music

Music for everyone. Music for life. This is our vision for Music at Hale School. Our philosophy is to provide the widest range of musical opportunities to the greatest number of students, and to strive for musical excellence in all that we do.
Whilst there is an abundance of research on the benefits that Music education contributes to academic and social success, at Hale we endorse the aptly expressed statement:
“We learn music because it is good. We learn music because it is unique. We learn music because it stimulates creativity at a very high level. No other reasons for teaching music are needed.” – Richard Gill, conductor and educator

Hale School of Music offers a diverse and varied range of opportunities for boys to participate in an inspiring musical environment. Music is offered within the curriculum from Pre-Primary through to Year 12, where we pride ourselves on the delivery of our Music courses through practical, hands-on instruction: arguably the ‘gold standard’ in Music education.

Our classroom music programme, ensemble music programme and instrumental music programmes work together and alongside each other to develop well-rounded musicians. Students who are engaged in all three programmes enjoy synergetic outcomes: each programme complements and strengthens the growth of our developing musicians. Many of our ensembles are run in partnership with our sister school, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, encouraging the strengthening of community and collaboration.

A full year of concerts and recitals, camps, tours, workshops and excursions provide our young musicians many opportunities to engage in Music at Hale School. Hale Music also runs an Artist-in-Residence programme that attracts local, national and international musicians to work closely with our students as part of their Music studies.

Hale Music offers tuition in a multitude of instruments, taught by an experienced and dynamic team of instrumental music teachers. Our facilities are housed in the superb John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre, which includes 23 practice rooms, classrooms, rehearsal rooms and studios, and our world-class auditorium boasting outstanding acoustics for music.


Visual Art

Creativity and imagination collide in the Hale Art department, where students can discover their hidden talents and explore their artistic potential. They are immersed in an inspired atmosphere of drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, graphic design, ceramics, mixed media and sculpture. 

All students participate in annual student art exhibitions. The focus of these exhibitions is to provide all students with the opportunity to display their body of work in a professional exhibition setting. 

Junior School Art is a busy place bursting with activity and creative play. Students tinker, paint, scribble, construct, assemble, glue, weave, animate and mould their creative ideas into mini masterpieces, expressing their thoughts of the world around them.  

The Visual Art programme is about the creative journey that is undertaken, not just the completed work. It allows the students to make mistakes and discover new ways to complete tasks through, effort, patience and perseverance which aims to not only develop a student in technical and fine motor skills but in developing creative spirit.

Hale School has a proud tradition of excellence in Visual Arts which is highlighted by the consistently high results achieved each year by visual art students in their external examinations; and the high number of student artworks selected for display at the annual Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. This exhibition showcases the most creative and technically skilled student artworks created throughout Western Australia each year.