March 1, 2024

The Year 7 boys have dived into the captivating world of dance through the Move and Groove program. Boasting an eclectic mix of dance styles, including hip hop, jazz, capoeira and street salsa, the program was an exhilarating and challenging exploration of movement and self-expression.

Year 7 is a period of great transition for our students, with so many opportunities on offer. They are encouraged to try their hand at anything and everything that piques their interest. The Move and Groove program is an important part of this offering. The boys don’t just learn a few handy dance skills, but are instilled with a sense of fearlessness to put themselves out there and try new things.

The Move and Groove program at Hale is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, positioning dance as a pivotal component of Human Movement education. Additionally, the program serves as an opportunity for the boys to embody the four Cs – collaboration, critical reflection, creativity and communication – vital skills that extend far beyond the dance floor.

Aside from the physical benefits, dance requires focus, control and an understanding of movements that differ from conventional sports. These unique skills enhance physical awareness, strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility and balance.

As the boys moved and grooved through the different dance styles, they not only learnt the art of movement but discovered facets of themselves and their mates, forming memories filled with personal exploration, growth and, most importantly, fun!

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