June 15, 2023

Hale recently welcomed Justin Robinson, founder of the Wellbeing Distillery, to campus. Justin spent the week presenting to and working with our staff, students and parents. Justin has worked with leading schools around the world, designing, implementing and sustaining evidence-informed, individual and whole-school approaches to wellbeing. He has a wealth of knowledge and his messages to all groups focused on controlling the controllable and understanding the importance of positive connections that exist within the School.

Justin spoke to our youngest students and shared some of the science behind sleep and the importance of routines so we can be at our best. Brightly coloured pyjamas, hoodies and Ugg boots were just the ticket as Junior School boys left their school uniforms at home for the day and focused on the importance of sleep. For our boys, who are constantly busy running around, growing and learning new skills, ensuring they get enough sleep is essential for their development and to ensure they are powered up to fully engage each day. Without enough sleep, children have a hard time with mental processing and may experience difficulties in regulating emotions, concentrating and being creative. Practical tips shared by Justin included preparing for sleep by reading or practising mindfulness activities and avoiding electronic devices in the hour before bedtime.

Justin’s message to our Senior School students was about how they can change their mindset to view challenges as opportunities for experiencing growth. For our students and ourselves, challenges are an inevitable part of life. Whether it be challenging times, people or circumstances, most of us can relate to coming up against roadblocks in life that feel hard. From our senior students completing exams over the recent weeks, to our Year 9 boys who have just returned from Exmouth to those who departed on the weekend and those leaving soon… all these new experiences and the challenges they present allow the boys opportunities for growth. By pushing past our comfort zones and leaning into the discomfort with a little more ease and openness to the learning opportunities that presents themselves, we become better individuals and better leaders.

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