June 22, 2023

The Hale Swim School has been named the 2023 Austswim WA Swim Centre of the Year (small). This awesome achievement is a testament to the unwavering professionalism and dedication of the entire Hale Swim School team, who have consistently prioritised water safety, skill development and technique within a nurturing environment.

Our team of highly trained and passionate instructors possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in teaching swimming techniques. The instructors not only focus on developing proper stroke mechanics but also instil in their students a sense of confidence and enjoyment in the water.

Being named WA Swim Centre of the Year is a testament the Hale Swim School team and their commitment to providing top quality swimming education while fostering a love for the water. The Hale Swim School has been instrumental in shaping the swimming abilities of countless students, ensuring they are equipped with these vital life skills.

Congratulations to Hale Swim School on this well deserved recognition!

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