August 16, 2021

The 2021 Garland Music Festival attracted more than 300 individual Hale School musicians, including 190 Junior School students performing in the Junior School festival on Friday 6 August and over 130 Year 7 to 12 students performing in the Middle and Senior School Festival on Sunday 9 August.

Inaugurated in 1978 by Lady Lyn Garland and Sir Victor Garland, the intent of the Garland Music Festival was to offer all boys the opportunity to perform. The festival has since developed into a prestigious event in the annual music calendar, giving all Hale students the opportunity to perform in friendly competition with their peers. It is also a great opportunity for our musicians to watch each other perform and be provided with feedback from external adjudicators who are professional musicians and highly respected educators.

It was fantastic to see so many parents and friends around the John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre supporting their sons and enjoying the variety of music.  With over 320 items performed throughout the festival, the event is an excellent reflection on our dynamic and enthusiastic music community.  

Following the festival performances, the Finals Concert was held on the evening of Wednesday 11 August.  This concert featured winners from each Senior School section and finalists from Junior and Middle Schools. Lady Lyn Garland had the task of selecting the overall Garland Prize winners. 

Junior School finalists

Jinnry Zhuang (Year 5) piano

Seth Cheah (Year 5) violin and xylophone

Nathaniel Gregory (Year 5) violin

Junior School String Quartet – Seth Cheah, Nathaniel Gregory, Zachary Madan and Jinnry Zhuang

Middle School finalists

Aidan Ross (Year 8) voice

Cayden Yong (Year 8) piano

Oliver Porzig (Year 8) double bass

Senior School finalists

Hale Woodwind Cup – Daniel Setiawan (Year 9) alto saxophone

Sutherland-Roberts Guitar Cup – Jay Lagana (Year 12) electric guitar

Gladstones Piano Cup – Isaac Leong (Year 11) piano

Harvey Brass Cup – Michael Dowden (Year 10) euphonium

Hale String Shield – Ryan Wu (Year 9) cello

Hale Percussion Shield – Jeremy Thavaseelan (Year 10) marimba

Clarke Choral Cup – Apurva Muwanwella (Year 9) voice

Barlow Ensemble Shield – Isaac Leong (Year 11) piano and Kaining Wang (Year 11) piano

Jazz Ensemble Shield – Edward Drake (Year 12) guitar, Mahir Zakharia (Year 11) guitar and Liam Scott (Year 10) guitar

Contemporary Ensemble Shield – Ben Thomson (Year 11), Matthew Leverington (Year 11), Matthew Beattie (Year 11) and Liam Scott (Year 10)

Junior School Garland Music Prize 2021

Winner: Jinnry Zhuang (Year 5) piano

Middle School Garland Music Prize 2021

Winner: Aidan Ross (Year 8) voice

Senior School Garland Music Prize for 2021

Winner: Apurva Muwanwella (Year 9) Voice

Friends of Hale Music Encouragement Award for 2021

Winner: Junior School String Quartet

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