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Your son is unique, he has his own path to tread. He deserves an education that amplifies his true potential.

Your son is unique, he has his own path to tread. He deserves  an education that amplifies his true potential.

Welcome to Hale School. Our extraordinary school community prepares every boy for their future. A future where he can be the very best version of himself.

A Hale education is immersive and complete – it builds good character, broadens horizons and creates life-long friendships. In partnership with parents, we aspire to give every Hale boy the means to create a fulfilling, meaningful and authentic life.

Hale School is a community that inspires the authentic development of every boy.

Unrivalled opportunities and
educational programmes

Your son will discover his passions and talents, and build strength of character with the compassion and empathy to make a positive impact on the lives of others.


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Considering boarding school? Boarding at Hale is a truly unique life experience for your son.

Living day to day with students from around the State, country and globe, the diversity of personalities and experiences enrich each other’s lives and our school community. Under the support and guidance of teaching staff living on the school grounds with their families, Hale boarders have a network of positive influence available, day and night.

Spacious surroundings.

Set amongst natural bushland, tall trees and spacious ovals, your son will enjoy room to move, space to learn and a calming connection with nature.

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