Fine Art @ Hale 's winning formula

While many school-based art exhibitions have fallen by the wayside, the long-running and much respected Fine Art @ Hale exhibition continues going strong, again attracting large numbers of visitors and buyers this year. 

Professionally curated and featuring top local artistic talent, Fine Art @ Hale supports the arts at Hale School in a number of ways. Our passionate parent volunteers lead art incursions for the students, giving them a unique opportunity to bring their art curriculum to life. Secondly, Brine House (our Middle School boarding house) purchases a work of art every year, decided by the boarders themselves and involving them all in the artistic process. Finally, proceeds raised from sales of artworks go to fund an art scholarship for a Year 12 student, an annual art prize, as well as other activities and infrastructure to support the teaching of visual art at the school.
“Our curatorial team works hard to ensure we have art to inspire and inform the boys and to enhance the cultural life of the school,” said Fine Art@Hale organising committee chair Andrine Terry. “The storytelling, creative thinking, skills and commitment that is evident at Fine Art@Hale is really inspiring. We hope it inspires the boys in their studies - and their lives as well. We also think it is important to promote and support Western Australia’s incredible arts community.”
To that end, Fine Art@Hale also offers art prizes that are unparalleled in school exhibitions in WA. Participating artists are in the running for a $4000 prize for best artwork, $1000 for the best emerging artist and $500 for the people’s choice award. Prize winners this year were: Andy Kent (Best Emerging Artist), Christopher McClelland (Best Artwork) and Alix Corte (People's Choice Award).