April 7, 2023

Grandparents are special people in our kids’ lives. We know they are interested in what their grandchildren are up to and are great supports in many ways, which is why they are invited each year to spend the day at Hale School with their grandsons.

Grandparent’s and Special Friends’ Day has been celebrated for some time in the Junior School and more recently in the Middle School, giving an opportunity to our new Year 7 students to share their new school with their loved ones.

In the Junior School, grandparents take a tour where they can see their grandson’s classroom and the other facilities he enjoys each day. They are invited to view his work and then play fun activities together, such as mini golf, gardening or traditional board games.

The boys love sharing an insight into their school life and the delight of grandparents is clear. After this year’s event, one grandparent wrote:

“I have to say the word of the day was ‘engagement’. I will treasure the memory of today and feel so blessed that our boys are at Hale. Thank you all.”

The Year 7 Grandparent’s and Special Friends’ morning involves a special assembly, tour of the Middle School, shared activity and morning tea. At the assembly, the boys share some special memories of their grandparents, which are always so heartfelt.

Hale School is grateful for the support of grandparents and looks forward to opening up more events to members of our students’ extended families. 

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