December 23, 2022

One perfect score, five General Exhibitions, three Subject Exhibitions and a VET award for Excellence headline the outstanding results of Hale School’s 2022 cohort.

One hundred and seventy-two Year 12 students at Hale School selected an ATAR pathway in 2022, which is one of the largest ATAR cohorts in the State. Twenty-six Year 12 students chose a combination of General and/or ATAR courses, completing further qualifications such as workplace learning, endorsed programs and Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) certificate courses. Forty-six students completed a total of 75 AQF level certificates, departing Hale with industry-level qualifications to be used to enter university or the workplace. These statistics highlight the many study options available to students as they transition to their chosen post-school destinations. 

Hale students continue to achieve outstanding results in their final examinations. Forty-one students achieved a raw examination score above 90% in one or more of their courses. This statistic highlights that once students’ strengths are identified, they are highly motivated and encouraged to achieve their personal best. 

The strong academic culture at Hale supports student attainment through a multitude of measures. The teachers lead the way through their dedication and commitment to the students and pedagogy. Student participation continues at record highs in teacher-led revision lessons, the popular Hale58 after-hours program, library support from Senior Tutors and WACE Plus seminars. Students are inspired to learn and they avail themselves of the many educational opportunities presented at Hale. 

“Once more our boys have achieved exceptionally strong results,” said Headmaster, Dean Dell’Oro. “Of more importance is that the vast majority of boys achieved results that reflect the work and effort they put into their studies, almost always matching with their goals for Year 13 and beyond. These ATAR results, together with the outcomes achieved by those studying alternative pathways, will mean that each Year 12 will go onto their chosen course of study and workplace. What a tremendous achievement!”

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