October 14, 2022

“Wellbeing is everyone’s business It’s not just about teaching it but living it.” – Dr Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist

Wellbeing is at the heart of students reaching their potential, in life and at school. In recognition of this understanding the Hale School wellbeing framework, known as ‘The Hale Journey’, has been developed to lay out key focus areas to support boys on every step of their schooling. Student wellbeing is considered central to learning and engagement at school, rather than separate to education.

The release of the framework has been 18 months in the making, with expertise provided by Clinical Psychologist and childhood wellbeing expert Andrew Fuller to identify childhood and adolescent development trends, and come up with strategies to support our boys to thrive.  

The Hale Journey really speaks to what it means to move from being a boy to a man with an emphasis on these different wellbeing focus areas:

  • Psychological wellbeing (social and emotional wellbeing): Knowing yourself and how to form respectful and loving relationships with others form the foundations of lives with meaning and purpose.
  • Physical wellbeing: The extent to which we feel physically safe and healthy. This includes physical activity, nutrition, physical safety/security, good sleep and preventative health care.
  • Spiritual wellbeing enables each student to gain an understanding of his own values and beliefs along with the collective values and beliefs of the School community.
  • Academic wellbeing: Knowing how to learn, enjoying the process and looking forward to the work involved to achieve personal excellence is all part of the Hale journey. Learning and wellbeing are interrelated.

The Hale Journey framework aims to inform educators and parents on how to support boys to become resilient, respectful and responsible young men.

The Hale Journey document was formally released during Mental Health Week, at the start of Term 4.

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