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30 Jun 2016

The Force is strong with Hale Music

The Junior School Music Night held on Friday 24 June was a sight and sound spectacular! Following a four-day Music camp in Bridgetown, Hale’s youngest musicians presented a Star Wars-inspired performance which showcased each Junior School music ensemble playing and singing with joy and excitement.

The evening began with a welcome from Darth Vader (Mr Nic Christie under the cape and mask demonstrating his light saber skills), before the Junior School Band performed John William’s Star Wars Theme.  This opening set the scene for the rest of the concert which included polished performances by Junior School Choir, Year 3 Choir and Junior School Orchestra.  

The 90 Year 5 and 6 boys who went on Music Camp created a brilliant vocal and movement piece with Mrs Scott which was particularly well-received on Music Night. The evening was aptly concluded with a performance of Duel of Fates by Junior School Symphony Orchestra and Choir, led by Mrs Strohfeldt, and the destruction of the Death Star (assisted by our very own pyrotechnics!). 

Congratulations to all our young musicians who took to the stage! With so many boys playing music at such a high standard, the force is strong in the musicians at Hale!

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26 Jul 2016

Bonnie & Clyde

In 1930’s Texas, Bonnie Parker, a waitress, is dreaming of being the main attraction in a picture show. Until she meets Clyde Barrow, who has just broken out of prison with his brother Buck. Falling in love, Bonnie and Clyde begin their life together as outlaws travelling the United States through the great depression, robbing stores and avoiding the law – until their infamy catches up with them.

Tuesday 26 July
Wednesday 27 July
Thursday 28 July

TIME: 7.30pm
VENUE: John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre Auditorium
DURATION: 120 minutes
Suitable for ages 13 and above

To purchase tickets, click on the button above.

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