February 2, 2021

All Hale School students started remote learning today, as Perth enters its second day of lockdown.

Most schools were set to begin the academic year this week and so have extended their school holidays. However, Hale School students commenced school last week and will continue learning from home.

Hale School has devised varied remote learning plans depending on the age and stage of the different year groups. Essentially, there will be variations of the following:

Junior School: set at-home tasks (no computer required)
Year 7: some online learning, some set tasks
Years 8-12: online learning

Headmaster Dean Dell’Oro said teaching staff were ready to support their students at home.

“We are fortunate that our staff have been back at work for a couple of weeks and have experienced remote learning before, so we are confident and we are ready. Our aim is to support our students to continue their learning as best they can from home.”

As one of Western Australia’s largest boarding schools, Hale still has some boarding students living on campus. About half were picked up by their families on Sunday, but about 80 students remain in the boarding house, completing the lockdown period at their school ‘home’.

“We recognise that for boarding families who have just dropped their son off for the start of the school year, this is not ideal timing,” said Head of Boarding, David Bourne. “However, you can be assured that our residential and teaching staff are outstanding and will support your son through this period of lockdown.”

The remaining boarding students are enjoying their vast “backyard” on campus, while wearing masks and being mindful of physical distancing and hygiene requirements.

Mr Dell’Oro said students were the first priority, and Hale was here to support them academically and pastorally.

“We are aware that some students (and parents) may feel anxious about the lockdown. This is to be expected, particularly given the timing at the start of the school year. We would recommend talking to your children about their feelings, and how this short period of isolation will help keep us all safe. Hopefully their access to continued learning, albeit in a different format, will help normalise their days.”

The five-day lockdown imposed by the State Government on Sunday follows the identification of a possible case of community spread of COVID-19.

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