Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

At Hale School, pastoral care is defined as the total climate of care that exists in the School. It is based on the premise that each individual student feels he belongs to the School community and has the fullest possibility for personal, social, academic and spiritual growth. Pastoral care is expressed through the personal commitment of all staff to each student.

Staff, in particular the Pastoral Care Leaders and Heads of House, are responsible for the pastoral care of all students in the Middle and Senior School.  Formal structures and informal classroom conversations all contribute to the vertical system which forms strong relationships between staff, students and their families across the whole School community.
The House system at Hale promotes team work, loyalty, mentoring and a sense of belonging.
The Junior School house system operates with four houses, each named after Rhodes Scholars who attended Hale. House Teachers and House Prefects supervise and coordinate house activities that accrue house points across the curriculum.
In the Middle and Senior Schools there are ten houses (eight day and two boarding), named after prominent Hale identities.  All students represent their house in a variety of sporting and cultural events. In Middle School, students come under the direction and leadership of a Pastoral Care Leader (PCL), who is a member of the teaching staff. The PCL is responsible for the monitoring and management of the academic, social, emotional and spiritual development of each student in his or her group. In Years 9 to 12, students come under the direction and leadership of their Head of House or Assistant Head of House. They build upon the relationships the PCLs establish in Years 7 and 8 to form a close relationship with students and their parents, offering advice, support and subject guidance.
In addition, Hale School has many other people who are heavily involved with pastoral care, including: School Chaplains, School Counsellors, Director of Pastoral Care, School Nurses, Head of Religious and Values Education, Head of Health Education and the Curriculum Support Teachers.