Our Schools

The Junior School is a community of approximately 400 boys, their parents and over 30 staff. This is where many ‘Haleians’ start their journey, and the Junior School is an integral component of the wider School community. For this reason, we enjoy the support, facilities and sense of pride evident across the whole School.  

The teaching team includes the Junior School Executive and year level teachers. As well as specialists in Curriculum Support, Mathematics, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Library, Health and Physical Education, LOTE (Language other than English) and Religious and Values Education.  

In addition to coordinating our involvement in enrichment competitions, the Junior School Enrichment Coordinator and Junior School Curriculum Support Coordinator assist teachers in differentiating the curriculum for the wide range of student abilities.

We value the opportunity to become partners in every student’s journey as he strives to prepare for a rewarding and fulfilling life that is underpinned by the school’s motto ‘Duty’.  

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Outside School Hours Care

In Middle School we recognise and respect the desire of students to seek greater independence and the importance of strong personal connections in their lives. We understand that boys need to feel confident about who they are and what they are capable of achieving. Middle School provides an outstanding educational programme implemented by a teaching team dedicated to supporting and inspiring early adolescent boys so that they gain confidence and make significant personal and academic progress. 

During Years 7 and 8, students will be introduced to a teaching environment which will encourage and support a greater level of academic independence. For the majority of the curriculum, the boys will be grouped together for the core subjects in a classroom and remain together for the year. However, as students move through Middle School they visit other classrooms each day for subjects such as Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts and Design and Technology. 

Pastoral care is an important focus in Years 7 and 8, as we recognise the intellectual, academic, social, physical and emotional challenges faced by boys of this age. Each boy is assigned a Pastoral Care Leader who plays a pivotal role in the students’ wellbeing by monitoring their individual learning and social progress throughout the year. The Pastoral Care Leader is the primary contact between parents and the School.

A focus on student-teacher relationships and a rigorous and engaging curriculum ensure our Middle School offers a dynamic, productive and memorable educational experience for all of our students.

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Boys in Years 9 to 12 make up our diverse Senior School and enjoy a culture of comradery, fellowship and acceptance as they transition through adolescence. The teaching and learning programme for all students involves gradually increasing academic challenges and a wider range of course choices. Students are expected to be somewhat more independent and self-directed in their learning and study habits. Various leadership opportunities are offered to boys wanting to participate and avail themselves for future significant leadership positions in later years.

One of the major objectives of the Senior School is to give all students the opportunity to attain the requirements for their future studies (tertiary and vocational). Students are encouraged to strive to achieve their personal potential both within and outside the classroom.
Senior School students come under the direction and leadership of their Head of House or Assistant Head of House. They build upon the relationships the PCLs establish in Years 7 and 8 to form a close relationship with students and their parents, offering advice, support and subject guidance.