Music and Drama

The John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre is a world-class performing arts facility. Named after the visionary former headmaster, the Music and Drama Centre is a substantial facility encompassing rehearsal studios, classrooms, practice rooms, ancillary areas, and a breathtaking Australian timber-lined auditorium.

The auditorium is a masterwork of acoustic and theatrical design. The space allows not only the most intimate vocal solo to the largest symphony orchestras to perform with no reinforcement, but also has the flexibility to be turned into dramatic performance space for full-scale musical productions.

The auditorium is one of the busiest venues at Hale School, and there is considerable demand on its use. The ingenious design – employing 27 automatic winch lines, folding proscenium arch, removable wings and adjustable wall and ceiling reflection panels – allows the Events team to rapidly transform the space from music to drama to presentation and back again, so that all stakeholders are catered for – permitting several different events even on the same day.