Information Technology

How do educational institutions keep abreast of the technological wave? How do we use this knowledge to enhance the teaching and learning programmes within the School?

Instructional, creative, assistive and innovative technology tools are seamlessly integrated into our teaching and learning programmes, allowing your son the opportunity to achieve his academic goals in a way that would not be possible using traditional methods. Hale enhances the teaching-learning environment by utilising Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in an environment that is rich, diverse, dynamic and collaborative, and that extends beyond the internal boundaries of classroom and campus. Our goal is to empower students to become literate, self-directed learners, flexible problem solvers and productive members of a technology-oriented society.

The Education Technology Task Group at Hale School incorporates best practice ICT ideas and solutions from around the world to ensure your son is riding the technology wave of the future.

We are a Microsoft Showcase School!
Hale School was selected by Microsoft as a 2015-2016 Microsoft Showcase School for its excellence in transforming its learning environment to deliver more personalised education to students, using mobile and cloud technology, to better prepare students for success in the workplace. 

Hale School  joins an exclusive community of only 10 schools from Australia, recognised to celebrate their truly pioneering efforts and innovation in rethinking teaching, learning and assessment in order to drive deep 21st century competencies. 

“Being selected as a Microsoft Showcase School is an amazing honor and recognition of the passion our teachers and staff have for creating the best learning environments possible. We look forward to sharing our experiences with other schools in our community and the world to continue finding innovative ways to equip our students with the proper tools needed for success inside and outside of the classroom.”
Rob Barugh, Director of Information and Learning Technologies

As a Showcase School, Hale will work closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education and communicate a vision for education enabled by technology through the hosting and mentoring of other schools in the community on transformational educational practices.

“Microsoft Showcase Schools are shining examples of those applying purpose driven innovation in a variety of ways to build connection, motivate students and to create community in and out of school, ” said Anthony Salcito, vice president, Worldwide Education, Microsoft. “These schools are truly transforming learning and providing more personalized education to students empowering them to achieve more.”