Service Learning

Assisting kids with learning difficulties, playing with children suffering from cancer, helping out at a Nulsen home with adults who have a disability, delivering soup to the homeless and entertaining senior citizens - these are just a few activities that Hale students undertake. Why? We don’t want our students to underestimate the good that they can do and our Service Learning programme gives them a glimpse of the potential they have to make changes for the better. 

The Service Learning journey starts in the Junior School and as the boys progress through Hale, the opportunities become more prevalent and in some cases, more confronting. The aim of the programme is to develop boys resilience, empathy and their sense of duty to others.

The culmination of these opportunities is several overseas trips to allow our boys to experience a global insight into those less fortunate. Such trips occur for Year 12 students and include trips to the Solomon Islands, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

It is hoped that every Service Learning opportunity leads students to the realisation that they can make a difference to other people’s lives, and instils a desire to continue to contribute to the community as a lifelong personal goal.

Ronald McDonald House 'Big Brother' Programme 2014

Boys are encouraged to develop and lodge their own 'Giving Projects' as we strive to raise socially aware and caring young men keen to make a difference! All Junior School service learning initiatives are worded as Giving Projects and are lodged via the Kids Who Give WA website.

World Vision
Junior School students involve themselves in World Vision days (including the 40 hour famine) where the boys experience hunger or engage in simulations whilst raising funds to stamp out global hunger and poverty.

Operation Christmas Child 
Each year, Hale Junior School students have the opportunity to be involved in a unique project of Samaritan’s Purse called ‘Operation Christmas Child’. This programme enables caring people to share love and compassion through the power of a simple gift packed up in a shoebox. The response in recent years by the Hale School community has been amazing, fostering a beautiful tradition of sharing.

Coast Care
Junior School students become involved with local coastal dune care. This experience enriches their studies whilst assisting the community. 
Manna Inc.
Each year we take a collection at our Christmas service, and recently we have been providing food and other essential items to Manna Inc, a local Perth charity,  to be made up into Christmas hampers for their clients, who are mainly homeless or otherwise in need. The students and their parents enthusiastically support this appeal. 

World Vision
Years 7 and 8 students participate in the annual 40 hour famine. This is a highly successful fundraiser and raises awareness of global hunger and poverty.
Sienna Centre – Holy Rosary Primary School
Middle School students visit the Sienna Centre to play games assist with some classroom activities. These sessions are designed to improve the social skills of the children.
James Browne House
Students visit this Seniors Home and engage the residents in chess and card games. The conversations are usually full of stories (many from a long history from some residents) mixed with some banter during the highly competitive games!
Herdsman Lake
The Middle School has an allotment at Herdsman Lake where they visit regularly to clean any rubbish and maintain the native flora.
Hope School South Africa
The Middle School has a partnership with Hope School in South Africa which is a school for orphaned children with AIDS.  Hale School  fundraises annually for Hope School and will be able to purchase a bus for the school in 2015.

Family Pathways 
Year 9 Hale students help at the Hospital Schools Service by mentoring and interacting with kids who attend this alternate schooling system. This not only exposes Hale students to the bigger picture of schooling for those less fortunate, but also provides the adult carers with some respite.
James Brown House                                              
Year 9 students visit this aged care facility to meet with the residents in an informal, fun and interactive way.  From playing Bingo to just having a chat, our students benefit from the years of experience and stories these people have and also provide them with a bit of youthful interaction.

Mt Hawthorn Special Education Unit        
Year 9 students visit this special education unit which caters for students with a range of learning and physical disabilities. The lunchtime visits allow our students to play with the children and then assist with part of their after-lunch lessons. It is not uncommon for a teacher at this unit to say to a student "If you don't do as you are told, you won't be able to play with your Hale buddy!"      
Chrysalis Montessori                                              
Year 9 students see a different education system when they visit Montessori. Buddying with younger students and assisting with games and classroom activities benefits our students and broadens their understanding of younger children.

Quintilian School                                                   
Year 10 students help at the Quintilian School by supervising sport activities, assisting with computer lessons and forming friendships with the younger students. The buddy system at Quintilian has allowed for lasting friendships to continue into the future.

Joondanna Aged Care                                          
Year 10 Students bring some excitement and fun to residents at this aged care facility. From playing darts and snooker to playing a piano concert, our students also gain valuable wisdom and advice from the experienced residents.

Doubleview Primary School
Year 10 students assist with the reading enrichment programme at this school. 

Red Cross Soup Patrol
Year 11 students assist with the delivery of soup to the homeless in the Perth CBD. This programme is very eye opening with up to 100 people per night requiring assistance. It involves not only the serving of soup but the cleaning up after as well!

Anglicare Youth Ambassadors Programme 
Year 11 students assist with Anglicare projects throughout Perth, from helping Seniors with their gardens to fundraising events.

Nulsen Youth Patron Programme
Year 11 students can apply to become a Youth Patron who act as advocates for Nulsen Disability Services. This includes visiting Nulsen residences (homes for people with disability), raising funds and awareness and helping to break down the barriers people with disability have.
Ronald McDonald House Big Brother Programme
Year 11 students visit Ronald McDonald House every Wednesday afternoon to assist the sick children and their siblings with homework. More importantly, they create a fun environment with games and sport.