Think about the world that today's students will inherit. Consider the opportunities, the challenges and the ever-changing landscape that they will have to navigate and thrive within. Does the model of ‘leader’ as the few, the loud, the most popular allow us to confront and effectively lead through the challenges now and in the future?

At Hale School, “Leadership is Everybody’s Business”. From Year 1 students, to School Prefects, to a new Year 7 boy it is crucial that we invest time and commitment to their personal development as leaders. We see leadership development for all students, all teachers and for Hale School as a moral imperative. We understand that we must design new ways to educate our students and ourselves as leaders in order to be effective, resonant and courageous leaders now and in the future.

What does it take to provide opportunities for students and teachers to further develop leadership skills and understanding? We believe this begins with our character development programmes and consistently builds through authentic opportunities with emphases on character, values, emotional intelligence, personal reflection and feedback. Seeing great leadership in action, hearing from people who have learned profound leadership lessons through success and failure, watching, discussing and listening are all keys to developing every boy as a leader at Hale School.

Character is central to leadership. This is not a new concept. It is the age-old lesson of great leadership which continues at Hale School today. The character ethic continues to be the foundation of success for all leaders … things like integrity, humility, compassion, temperance, courage, patience, modesty and the Golden Rule (treat others as you would like to be treated). We believe we need to reclaim these values as crucial tenets of great leadership. Schools, communities and organisations are communities of people in relationships, and in order to thrive in these relationships we will continue to teach, to model and to live the 'Hale Way' through humility, compassion, trustworthiness, and a deep understanding of self.

This continues to be an exciting time to be at Hale School where “Leadership is Everybody’s Business”.