Ethics Olympiad

Building on the success of the Hale School Philosothon throughout Australasia and High School Ethics Bowl competition in the US this initiative commenced in 2013 with the first ever international Ethics Olympiad trial. Hale School students participated in the trial with schools in various US states using video conferencing technology. Since then the event has grown to include schools in five different countries. 

Ethics Olympiads require students to demonstrate higher order thinking skills and exceptional communication skills. Each year schools can aim to achieve a medal in the event. Participating schools can win a gold medal by competing and winning an international Ethics Olympiad having also won a regional event. To win a silver medal a school must win a regional/local Ethics Olympiad involving schools within their own country and to win a bronze medal a school must participate in a local Ethics Olympiad event. Hale School achieved a gold medal in 2014.

The founder of US Ethics Bowls, Professor Robert Ladenson has recently written- "The Ethics Olympiad makes an exciting and educationally important international experience integral to an academic competition incorporating core elements of both the Ethics Bowl and the Philosothon, two innovative approaches to teaching ethics hugely popular with students, and acclaimed widely by educators.  I anticipate great success for the Ethics Olympiad.

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