Middle School

Years 7 and 8

The Middle School is an important ‘bridge’ for our boys as they become young men. Our dedicated Middle School teaching staff are experienced at dealing with young adolescents who are developing emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically.

The Middle School recognises and respects the desire of students to seek greater independence and the importance of strong personal connections in their lives. We understand that boys need to feel confident about who they are, what they can achieve and how to be the best versions of themselves.

Opened in 2010, the Middle School building is located next to the Senior School but houses only Year 7 and 8 classes. This enables the boys to be introduced to the Senior School more gradually yet have access to the ‘big school’.

Year 7 is all about easing the boys’ transition from primary school into the Middle School. Pastoral Care Leaders (PCL) are in charge of each Year 7 boy’s academic and social wellbeing, which they facilitate through careful support, planning and communication with both the boys and their parents. 

In Year 8, the focus is on the transition towards the Senior School in Year 9. As such, instead of having a PCL in Year 8, boys enter the House system. While all students across the school belong to a house, in the Senior School, Heads and Assistant Heads of House become their pastoral care leaders across those final years of school, providing a continuum of care. 

Students will be introduced to a learning environment that will encourage and support a greater level of academic independence, self-regulation and a passion for knowledge. As they head towards Senior School, Middle School boys have several curriculum options to give them a taste of different subjects and to help them to narrow down their preferences. These include a choice of musical instruments in Year 7, optional Art and Drama classes, and a selection of languages (Mandarin, Japanese and French).

Hale Middle School prides itself on providing a safe and structured environment for our boys to grow and learn. All aspects of the Middle School help to develop young men’s respect and confidence – including being greeted with a smile and handshake by the Headmaster at the gate every week, and the Outdoor Education experiences that teach life skills


Middle School Course Handbooks
Year 7 Course Handbook
Year 8 Course Handbook

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