Pre-Primary prepared for learning

​Tuesday 5 February 2019 was a moment in history as we opened the doors for the first time to Hale's first ever Pre-Primary students. 

Thirty-eight excited and curious little boys, all ready to take their first steps as the foundation classes at Hale School, were welcomed into the two classes. Our youngest boys settled into their new environments in the new Junior School remarkably quickly and were eager to explore their new learning and play areas. 

Our Pre-Primary philosophy celebrates each individual boy as a learner as we prepare, teach and connect.  The Pre-Primary programme ensures a balance between the explicit teaching of foundational skills whilst providing opportunities for the boys to develop a curious mindset as they explore their own interests, make discoveries and connections through their play.  

The Pre-Primary boys have their own separate playground and wear distinctive navy-and-pale-blue-striped polo shirts, similar to the distinctive stripes on the blazers of our Year 12 students at the other end of the school. 

We warmy welcome all our new families and wish you a wonderful journey of discovery through Hale School.