Middle School Gallery reopens

Creating a welcoming space for our Middle School students to study and socialise has resulted in the overhaul of the space formerly known as the Chillzone and adjoining courtyard area.

The renovation includes booth seating as well as high benches, with custom wallpaper utilising two pieces of art from Western Australian artist and Old Haleian, John Feeney. Furthermore, outdoor decking has been added off the room, with glass doors providing easy access and flow between indoors and out. Originally envisaged as a student art gallery, back in 2015, the room has now been renamed The Gallery.

Added to the outdoor tennis tables purchased in 2018, the Middle School now provides more leisure spaces specifically for our young adolescents, in addition to the Senior School facilties available to them. 

The Year 7 and 8 boys have already been making good use of the modern space for both collaboration and socialisation, as well as smaller classes.

Thanks to the Parents' and Friends' Association for its support.