Meade House to recognise former Head

As of the start of 2020, in recognition of former Headmaster Stuart Meade and his wife Susie’s enormous contributions to Hale School over 14 years of service, the Board of Governors has decided to rename St Georges House to Meade House. 
It’s typical in schools like Hale that Boards name buildings and other noteworthy facilities after past Headmasters. After considerable thought and discussion, the renaming of St Georges House to Meade House felt right for Hale and for Stuart. There are 10 houses in the Senior School and most are named after past Headmasters and other significant people who have contributed to our school. In contrast, St Georges House was named after one of the School’s previous sites on St Georges Terrace.

Hale has a history of renaming houses, with Stirling House being renamed as Tregonning back in 1988.  St Georges House began in 1994 under Headmaster John Inverarity AM MBE(C). It will be important that the House keeps its colours and certainly the dragon emblem so that in the years to come boys, Old Boys and the wider community can look back and see evidence of St Georges House.
At the start of Term 3, with Stuart and Susie present, there will be a special assembly held to commemorate the changing of name. Following that, there will be some further consultation with the current St Georges boys and interested Old Boys to finalise transition arrangements. Meade House will then officially begin at the start of the 2020 academic year.
From all accounts Stuart’s time as Headmaster was a positive one and the relationships he formed with the boys were second to none. It seems right and proper that there should be a house named after him and I look forward to seeing Meade House emerge in 2020.