A.I. app idea wins national competiton

Three Hale boys, with the intention of making life easier for children with diabetes, have won the national AI for Good Challenge with their ‘Sugar AI’ app concept.

Thomas Winton (who has type 1 diabetes) and teammates Jackson Plange-Korndoerfer and George Kneebone, all in Year 9, designed the Sugar AI concept to help children with type 1 diabetes manage their sugar glucose levels through gaming. Their app concept rewards young kids for correct management of their sugar levels with points, levels and games helping them to be proactive and to motivate them to manage their health. It also provides regular updates for parents on their child’s levels and injection history and can send a text alert to parents if the sugar levels become harmful. 

It uses artificial intelligence to assist in the management of type 1 diabetes and builds on existing assistive technologies.

"I think it could be made and it could help kids with diabetes," Tom said. "There's not really a downside."


The Type 1 Diabetes Centre has already shown an interest in the app and the boys hope it will be developed. 

​The Hale boys beat 600 other teams across the country with their health-focused idea.