From Boston to the bush

After visiting the USA several times over the last decade for the Hale School Jazz Tour, our talented friends from Foxborough High School in Massachusetts finally made it Down Under this year.
Since 2011, Hale School musicians have visited Foxborough three times. In late July 2019, our American friends finally visited us on home turf. Foxborough’s Music programme is world renowned and we were excited to be able to offer a reciprocal experience.
This was the first time that any of the students or staff from Foxborough had been to Australia, the result of a massive fundraising exercise involving all students and a multitude of concerts. Forty-five students and five staff arrived at the Hale campus at the start of Term 3, delivering the Foxborough Jazz Ensemble, Foxborough String Orchestra and Foxborough Jazz Vocal Ensemble. Their time here was a whirlwind of opportunities, both musical and cultural. Highlights were a combined concert on the Friday night performing to family and members of the School community, and then a massive undertaking on the weekend, which culminated in taking the Foxborough and Hale ensembles out to the country, concluding in a sold-out concert in Narrogin following a fun-filled, action-packed day of experiencing Aussie farm life.
The strong connection between schools is, and will continue to be ongoing, having now been etched indelibly in an historical journal outlining the development of this positive affiliation between schools. The next step in the journey continues next year when Hale School returns to the USA on the 2020 Jazz Tour. Stay tuned!