All Hale 2018 leavers

Valedictory celebrations combining old traditions and new spanned two unforgettable days for Hale School leavers this year.
Thursday 18 October was largely a day of celebration and fun for the boys, while Friday 19 October included more formalities within the School and including families. Combined, the Valedictory celebrations were a fitting farewell for the Year 12 students as they finish their time at Hale School and enter a new chapter in their lives. 
As clouds threatened on the Thursday, the Year 12 students gathered for a Chapel service before planting a tree to honour the contribution of the year group. Everyone was nervous about the weather as most of the day’s events were to be held outside.
Fortunately, the rain held out for the main event – a recent tradition started by the 2016 graduates: the Guard of Honour and Viking Clap. All students from the whole school, Years 1 to 11, lined up along Craig Oval to applaud the leavers who responded in kind with smiles, cheers and high fives. The Year 12s then lined up to face the rest of the school to carry out a Viking Clap, inviting the younger boys to join them – a spine-tingling celebration of manhood and unity. The whole school celebration finished with the School War Cry, bonding all the boys together as proud members of Hale School. Oh Hale, you beaut!
It was fun and frivolity in the afternoon as the Year 12s enjoyed a barbecue lunch, organised games and activities on Brine Oval – a fun way to celebrate with their mates and peers.
On Friday 19 October the formalities continued with a special assembly in the Junior School for graduates who had attended Hale in their primary years, followed by several events for all Year 12s with their respective house groups (factions) and families that continued into the night.
Captain of School, Gus Laufmann, spoke at the evening presentation about the fine example the boys have set and the bond they share.
“The class of 2018 as a whole have led from the front, have participated, have turned up not just when it was easy, and set an impeccable example by maintaining and strengthening the longstanding traditions of Hale. They have encouraged those values of duty, integrity, compassion and the pursuit of excellence for our school. Quite simply these men seated before me have served the insignia on their chest with honour, dignity and humility during their time at Hale."
Head of Senior School, Ross Barron congratulated the 2018 leavers on a brilliant farewell and year.
“Valedictory is a fitting culmination for what has been a fantastic year group,” said Head of Senior School, Ross Barron. “The positive response to these Valedictory celebrations from the Year 12 boys has been wonderful. These new traditions, combined with longstanding formalities, bond the boys together and create lifelong memories, while reinforcing a positive school culture for which Hale is proud.