Alistair reaches for the stars

Alistair De Vroet (Year 12) has been awarded Academic Honours for achievement of outstanding results in state, national or international academic competitions or awards held during Year 12. 
Alistair achieved a gold medal in the Australian Physics Olympiad 2016 (24 were awarded Australia-wide, two to West Australians). He was then one of eight students and the only West Australian selected to represent Australia at the Asian Physics Olympiad, hosted in Yakutsk, Russia in 2017. 
Alistair competed in Asia’s toughest physics competition, which put his skills in practical and written exams to the test, against some of Asia’s most outstanding students. He competed against teams from 29 countries, including China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
“Russia was a truly fantastic experience,” Alistair said. “The other students were very likeminded and I am convinced I will see them in the future, seeing as we all have simular life interests.”
Ultimately, he would like to become an astronaut or work at NASA. He plans to go to college in the United States and study Physics or Engineering.