2018 WACE results

We can be very proud of the Year 12 students from 2018. Our boys within the ATAR and alternative pathways programmes have done extremely well and have certainly made Hale and no doubt their parents very proud.
Just under half (47%) of our ATAR students are in the top 10% of the nation and a third are in the top 5% of the nation. The fact that Hale continues to have one of the highest numbers of (or percentages) of ATAR students in the State underlines our focus on providing a strong academic education for a variety of boys.
“The truth is that our school continues to gain some of the best results in the State, we gain significant numbers of exhibitions and awards, and we continue to be the top scoring school in many (in 2018, it was 13) subjects,” said Headmaster, Dean Dell’Oro. “And we do all of this while providing and maintaining a culture whereby our boys participate and excel in a broad range of co-curricular programmes.”
In 2018 the median ATAR for Hale was 89.40 and 81.80 for WA.
Hale graduates achieved the following awards and prizes:
  • Abbott Vincent Thornton achieved the ‘perfect score’ of 99.95.
  • Kevin Shah Mansouri won a General Exhibition.
  • Kevin Shah Mansouri was awarded a Subject Exhibition for Literature.
  • There were eight Subject Certificates of Excellence:
Henry Chen – Engineering Studies.
Matthew Poli – Geography
Kevin Shah Mansouri – Literature
James Daw – MDT
Vincent Abbott – Maths Methods
Finnegan Rowbottam – Modern History
Ben Giangiulio – Physics
Matthew Sokolich – Physics
  • 13 students achieved a WACE Exhibition, Award or ATAR of 99 or more.
  • 51 Certificates of Distinction were awarded to students who achieved 190-200 points for WACE course results over Years 11 and 12.
  • 27 Certificates of Merit for students who achieved 150-189 points for WACE course results over Years 11 and 12.