What pastoral care is offered at Hale School?

At Hale School, pastoral care is defined as the total climate of care that exists in the School. It is based on the premise that each individual student feels that he belongs to the School community and has the fullest possibility for personal, social, academic and spiritual growth. Pastoral care is expressed through the personal commitment of all staff to each student. It is delivered through communication to the student in various informal inter-personal contacts in the classroom, in other learning situations and through formal structures. Staff, in particular the Pastoral Care Leaders and Heads of House, are responsible for the pastoral care of all students in the Senior School. The goal of this vertical system is to form strong relationships between staff, students and their families across the whole school.


How many students attend Hale School and what are the class sizes?

Hale has approximately 1500 students across Years 1 to 12. Class sizes are capped at between 24 to 26 boys, depending on the year level.


Is there any preparation you can recommend for the academic examination for entry?

The academic examination is similar to NAPLAN, with several short 25 minute tests. These tests include mathematics, reading comprehension, written expression, general, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Practice test papers are not available; the format of the testing should be familiar for all students who have participated in NAPLAN testing.

Does Hale School only cater for academically able students?

Although entrance to Years 5 and 7 is based on an academic entrance test, Year 7 also provides entry to boys who are siblings of current students, sons and grandsons of Old Haleians and boarders without the need for academic testing. Junior Primary entry (Year 1 and Year 3) is based on date of application.


What languages are offered at Hale?

In Junior School, boys study Conversational Mandarin whilst in Year 7, learn both French and Japanese. In Year 8, boys have the option to choose which language to continue with for Years 8 and 9 and from Year 10 onwards, the study of languages is optional.


Can we send our son to Hale if we practise a religion other than Anglican?

Yes, all faiths are welcomed at Hale. However Chapel attendance is compulsory for all students.


Does Hale offer Kindergarten and Pre-Primary?

We are excited to be able to offer Pre-Primary places from 2019 following our Junior School redevelopment. At present, Hale does not offer Kindergarten.

What opportunities do Hale students have to interact with students from other schools?

Hale provides many social events and co-curricular activities where our boys can regularly interact with students from other schools. These include; music ensembles, sport, drama productions, socials, debating and activity days.

What is the ratio of male to female teaching staff?

In 2014, Hale has 170 teaching staff. 109 of these are male, giving a ratio of 2:1 male teachers to female teachers.

How is the endowment fee utilised?

The endowment is used to help build and provide the best facilities and opportunities for all students.


What is the School’s personal computer programme?

In Years 1 to 4, the School provides one classroom based laptop computer per two students. In Years 5 and 6, the School provides a full class set of laptops. All Middle and Senior School students have a personal laptop, which is funded by an annual IT levy (charged Term 1). The School provides full IT support, insurance and software.


Is Sport compulsory?

Sport is compulsory until the end of Year 9, as is Music, Languages, Drama, Art, Personal Development and Design and Technology.


Does Hale provide after school care?

Hale has a partnership with Camp Australia, to offer after school care on site for Junior School students from 3.25pm - 6.00pm on school days. Please click here for more information.
The Forrest Library is also open for Years 7 to 12 students until 5:30pm Monday to Thursday.


Is there a bus service in my area?

Hale provides buses to many areas not serviced by Transperth. To get a copy of these timetables, please contact the School.