Hale21 Future School

Fact: 65% of the current Junior School students will work in jobs that are not yet in existence!

The Hale21 Future School project is an initiative of Hale School. The programme seeks to build upon and share the knowledge Hale School has gained in recent years from the highly successful Hale@home online programme. Hale@home’s connection with rural communities has seen us create a richly interactive, online teaching and learning community for Hale School bound families. It has inspired us to lift our expectations of what technology can provide for teachers and students in all schools.

Hale21 Future School is an initiative which aims to provide rural school teachers and students, with no connection now or in the future to Hale School, with the opportunity to participate in the building of a dynamic online community. A cross-sectorial community is envisaged which will provide extensive professional support, knowledge and inspiration to all who wish to access it. The programme introduces teachers to curricular which explicitly develops 21st century skills using a unique curriculum design model.  Year 5 and 6 students will initially participate in this programme and their teachers can contribute to developing lessons and a virtual reference library for 21st century curriculum design, ultimately building an online resource for teachers anywhere to access.

In the 21st century computers in schools must be used to explore, discover and create new ways for students to think deeply and respond to learning tasks creatively, instinctively and substantively. Hale21 Future School introduces rural teachers to a virtual classroom and professional learning community whose expectations of what technology can provide for our schools takes us beyond the current educational horizons. Students involved will benefit from their participation in a dynamic, innovative educational project and their teachers are provided a multi-modal professional forum for discussing highly innovative teaching and learning with colleagues from across the state.

For a discussion about the programme and any further details, please contact Mr Michael Valentine.

Phone: (+61) 08 9347 0185
Mobile: (+61) 0439 697 108
Email: michael.valentine@hale21.com.au