Hale Institute

The Hale Institute of Innovation & Research is committed to strengthening and enriching student learning through innovative teaching and learning methods that empower students to identify and solve problems, bridge content across traditional subject domains, and develop a growth mindset.



To nurture and promote a culture of learning excellence, innovation and inquiry in education.



To promote innovation in teaching and learning, research and strategic partnerships through:

Inquiry - Identifying and investigating substantive educational issues and asking challenging questions about teaching and learning practice.

Partnerships - Providing a forum in which Hale School can link with other schools, universities, corporations and industry for the purpose of engaging in structured dialogue and creating opportunities for involvement in research.

Advocacy - Providing operational, strategic and collegial support for teachers.

Inspiring staff development - Inviting and welcoming staff to innovate their teaching and learning practices, participate in research and share new knowledge with their peers, while generating and supporting opportunities for staff to showcase findings and receive recognition for their innovations and contributions to educational inquiry.

For more information on the Hale Institute of Innovation & Research please visit the website below or contact Mr Toby Trewin:

Phone: (+61) 08 9347 0118
Email: haleinstitute@hale.wa.edu.au