Remembering Hale in your Will

Hale School enjoys the loyalty and respect of a large school community that has been touched by its sense of family and tradition. Bequests, both large and small, have played a vital role at Hale School since its foundation in 1858. Since then we have been inspired by the members of the school community who have chosen to make a bequest to the School and in doing so have committed to our vision of securing Hale School as the leading boys' school in Australia for generations to come.

The Cygnet Society was formed in 2008 by the Hale School Foundation and the Board of Governors to recognise, thank and honour those who have chosen to remember the School in their will during their lifetime.

The Society has the purpose of encouraging members of the Hale School community to make a bequest or future gift to the School and also gives recognition to those who have already made this generous commitment.

Importantly it gives the School an opportunity to thank the Society’s members during their lifetime, by inviting them to special events and keeping members informed and in touch with the School and its students today.

Everyone who informs us that they have remembered Hale School in their will is invited to join the Society.

Please contact Lisa Barrett, Foundation Executive Officer, on (+61) 08 9347 0116 if you have made a bequest and would like to join The Cygnet Society or if you would like to discuss leaving a bequest.