Hale@Home heads to the country

Hale @home is our pre-boarding transition programme now in its 5th year. In 2017 we have 21 boys in the programme who work online with Michael Valentine and Heath McCabe each week, ensuring they get to know each other before the big journey to Brine House in January next year. Michael and Heath set off at the end of Term 1 each year to visit as many families as they can, to see how things are going for the boys in the Hale@home programme. Over the past two days Michael and Heath travelled over 1500 kms to catch-up with 14 of this year’s Hale@home families. Michael and Heath left early Sunday morning to join a morning tea in Mingenew at Naomi and Aidan Obst’s property. Then to Nungarin for a late afternoon meeting in the local beer-garden. Then breakfast in a cafĂ© in Lake Grace; before wrapping up in Popanyinning at the property of Royce and Kylie Dowling! It was fabulous to catch-up with the boys and to hear from their parents how they are enjoying the Hale@home programme. Discussions ranged far and wide about boarding; now, in times past, and, what it may look like in the future. A lot of cake and scones were consumed and it was great to see families sharing stories about their boarding journey as a family with other country families. It is always fabulous to visit families in their rural locations and hear about their unique and complex contexts.