Redfoot Youth Theatre

Join Redfoot Youth Theatre

Boys and girls from across Perth who are interested in drama come together at Redfoot, Hale School‘s community youth theatre. Redfoot aims to offer exciting and diverse theatrical opportunities by giving members the chance to perform in professional quality theatre productions, using the resources and facilities provided by Hale School and the Redfoot team.

Each year, approximately eight productions are created. These include published works and company devised projects, directed in-house by visiting directors or by the company members themselves. Underpinning the production programme is a series of Redfoot workshops. Each term, members have the chance to participate in skills based workshops covering all areas of theatrical production, learning the skills of sound and lighting design, stage management, film making, or practical acting skills workshops.

Redfoot is free to join, and you don’t need any theatre experience to apply, so whether you are a keen performer, writer, director or designer, there is a place for you at Redfoot.

Redfoot offers wonderful opportunities in Performance and Production. We have so many creative workshops for you to explore:

  • Developing Artist Programme for Directors and Costume and Set Designers
  • Tech Club
  • Acting, Directing and Improvisation Workshops
  • Tech Club for those who are interested in what happens behind the scene
  • Film Club for our budding film makers

For more information and to join the Redfoot team or sign up for a workshop please visit the Redfoot website below or contact the Redfoot Administration Office:

Phone: (+61) 08 9347 0173