Hale School Foundation

Giving to Hale School allows you to invest in the future, in the education of students of today and tomorrow. Current students are the beneficiaries of past generosity; future generations will depend on the continuing and vital support of the entire Hale community.

The Hale School Foundation has a long history of supporting the School in its vision based building plan. Since the Foundation first initiated a fundraising campaign, countless members of the Hale community have supported the legacy which has seen so many amazing facilities take shape and transformed the learning landscape at the Wembley Downs campus.

The Foundation has assisted with the funding of many new buildings which have changed Hale in positive ways. For example, the John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre, which revolutionized the way music is taught and has allowed an enormous change in school culture, where over half of all boys at Hale now playing a musical instrument - more than any other boys school in the state. And the contribution to the senior boarding house, with its vast communal areas, lofty spaces and a homely and modern feel has made boarding at Hale the first choice for many Western Australian families. The Forrest Library is a contemporary facility and brilliant amalgamation of teaching strategies, where reading and learning have once again found their niche and boys are reading more books than ever before. The influence of the new Hale Aquatic Centre and Junior Arts Precinct will have enormous educational outcomes for all boys who utilise them. The Foundation is here to allow you to assist with making all boys experiences the very best during their years at Hale.

Hale School values all contributions made. From a small gift to a large one, all contributions go a long way in assisting the School with its vision. If you would like to know more about how Hale’s vision for the future, please do not hesitate to contact the Development Office.

Development tours of the School, which explain the building plan and how the history and past experiences of the school have formulated such a plan, are available upon request. And if there is any particular area of interest that you feel you may like to support, then we are very happy to discuss any possibilities with you.

To download a copy of the Hale School Foundation Consitution, please click here.