Careers Investigation Session: Technology

Skilled use of technology is expected in all careers these days and there are many careers in which sophisticated application of technology is absolutely critical.
The list of occupations in which technology use is central and which once might have been covered by the term IT now includes programmer, software and hardware engineers, systems analyst or administrator, game developer, animator, data analytics, applications architects, mobile technology experts, social media architects, web dvelopers, cyber safety, business process managers, cloud engineers etcetera.
We are assembling a number of past students who are working and/or studying in these areas who will be on hand to share their experiences and answer any questions.
For those unfamiliar with the CIS format: the evening commences with a panel session in the Library Foyer, facilitated by Head of Careers, Mr Stephen Kernutt and is followed by break-out sessions in the library offering plenty of time for more individual questioning.
Please contact Nancy Ripepi at to register your interest in attending this session.