Forrest Library 

Forrest Library

Opened in February 2009, the Forrest Library is an exciting new building offering boys a wide range of learning environments  - formal or informal; collaborative or quiet and individual; inside or outside; among others or a quiet corner alone…… 

It is a welcoming and user-centred environment, enriching and supporting the learning and teaching programmes of the school. An integral and important part of the school's educational programme, the Library caters for boys' recreational and curriculum needs.


Resources and Technology

A fully wireless environment, the Forrest Library offers a wide range of relevant resources and technologies. Boys are encouraged and supported in the use of adolescent and adult literature, recreational reading and information resources in print and electronic formats.  From home, students use the web-based catalogue to select and reserve library resources and have access to a wide range of online encyclopaedias and databases and to digital video. Students freely access networked desktop computers, wireless connected netbooks, printers and scanners.

Effective and Critical Users of Information

The Forrest Library provides the help and support boys need to become effective and critical users of ideas and information. Students are empowered as independent learners and knowledge builders. To support boys, a Teacher Librarian is always available at the Help Desk in the Library or boys may request assistance through a Virtual Helpdesk.

Learning programmes foster competence and stimulate interest in using information and ideas. Teacher librarians work with other teachers to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students and to fully integrate information literacy outcomes into the curriculum.

Reading Enrichment

The Forrest Library fosters an appreciation and enjoyment of literature and leisure reading. The Hale School Reading Community, including boys, staff, parents and other family members, enjoys and values leisure and other reading. Year 7 to 10 English classes participate in Reading Enrichment programmes, promoting wide reading as a valued and enjoyable activity among boys. Hale School's Author in Residence programme has provided boys with the opportunity to meet and work with highly acclaimed adolescent authors and illustrators.

Opening Hours

School Days 8.00am - 5.30pm