redfoot theatre

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Each year we offer a wide range of production opportunities. Shows include published works and company devised projects, directed in-house, by visiting directors or by the company members themselves. All projects are supported by our own excellent design and production team.

Underpinning this production program is a series of redfoot workshops. Each term we offer redfoot members the chance to participate in skills based workshops covering all areas of theatrical production, learning the skills of sound and lighting design, stage management, puppet making, animation, fight choreography, or practical acting skills workshops.

You need no experience to join us, nothing other than a willingness to learn and a commitment to rehearsal or workshop. However places are limited and demand for workshops is high. If you are keen to be involved please download and fill in the application form, and return it to our office.

Thank you for your interest in redfoot youth theatre. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.



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