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23 Sep 2015

Exchange Students Speak

We have taken a short excerpt from the ‘Farewell Speech' of each exchange student that was presented, to a most appreciative audience, at Senior School Assembly. Their words speak of their adventures and insights into their experience of the Hale School student exchange programme.

 Robert Bromley - St Johns College – Johannesburg RSA
In the last two and a half months I have been lucky enough to have had one of the greatest experiences of my life. One that I will remember and look back upon forever. During my exchange I have had many different experiences which I am unlikely to do again. Like trying to kick a footy ball: the concept is simple enough, however the ball always seemed to go everywhere, but where I wanted it to! ...
The trip to Exmouth was a unique spot that is home to many magnificent creatures and has beautiful landscapes, to match any place you’ll ever see. It was great to be able to see turtles, rays, dolphins and fish in such abundance as they swam under our kayaks, to see the sun rise and set above the water in its amazing colours and full glory. And to spend some time with people I hardly knew beforehand, but came out as good friend, was something that imprints memories…Although I have seen so many amazing places; it has been the people who have really made this exchange for me…
 Tony Ferreira - Uplands College – Mpumalanga RSA
These past 7 weeks have been the best experience of my life. I never thought I would be elected for exchange but when the opportunity came I grabbed it with both hands….The question still stands today - was it worth it? Ahh…yess! I came to Australia to experience Hale and to make new buddies.  I have made the best mates I could ever ask for and it’s the small things I’m going to miss like every morning hearing “Tony, how are we?” A special thanks goes to Marshy and Macca for making the short footy season a memorable one!...
I will always remember the friendly staff who have gave their best at making me feel at home and giving me the best experience at Hale. To the boarders I owe it to you for making boarding the most fun I have had in a long time….I could never imagine my experience without out the individuals who make up the boarding house. I go back with fond memories, new friendships and I am richer in experiences gained here. I hope to return in the future…
 Rayhaan Ahmed - Bishops Diocesan College – Cape Town RSA
Living away from home, on the other side of the world, has impacted me in ways that will stick with me for life. Since being in Australia, I have come out of my shell, so to say; I've become more independent, and confident in myself and the choices that I make, and I've learned to take in everything as it comes. Being here and experiencing a different culture and a different lifestyle has changed my perception of life. Being put outside of your comfort zone is indeed a scary thing…
In my opinion, the ultimate aim of both Bishops & Hale is to produce men who are well rounded and are suitably prepared to take their place in the dynamic international community of which they will become part. My experience has been that the boys of Hale are proud of their school, and it creates a sense of belonging and a special environment where its students have the opportunities to excel…
I am indeed very privileged to have seen a fair amount of Australia. I saw the unforgettable sunrise and sunsets on the Exmouth Camp in the North, Brisbane on the East Coast, with a bit of a swim at the Gold Coast, Sydney during the Boarders long-weekend with a highlight being the experience of summiting the Sydney Harbour Bridge and being entertained to an Opera at the mesmerising Sydney Opera House. Australia is, without a doubt, a nation with everything between its shores…
I feel that I have gained a lifetime of experiences and stories. I hope that the rest of my experience will be just as great and that this inspires other potential exchange students to see what it means for themselves…
Hugo MacKenzie-Wood – The King’s School
Coming to Perth on exchange has surprisingly been one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I have met many people and done many things that I will remember forever.  When I first found out I was coming to Perth I didn’t know what to think. I thought what’s the point of going on exchange to the other side of Australia? There will be no cultural difference and everything sounds like it’ll be pretty similar. It took me until I was about half way through the exchange to realise that wasn’t the reason I was here at all. The reason this exchange is so important is so I can find out the person I would be if my friends weren’t already set out for me, and I had to start again…
Exmouth camp was one of the great highlights I’ve had whilst being here. Not only was it a great chance to see some of Western Australia’s great beaches and animal life, but also allowed me to make some new mates who I will have forever…
I was also very lucky to have been paired with such a great exchange partner, Jackson Maher. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and his family for being so helpful and good towards me during my time over here…
James McDonald – The King’s School
I have had many different highlights, which include Exmouth camp, the countless games of pool in the boarding house and playing Inside Centre in Rugby.
I particularly enjoyed Exmouth camp as I did things I never thought I would. These included, canoeing as turtles, fish and stingrays swam underneath, watch the sunset over the ocean, the beautiful views as we trekked and the numerous stories from Mr Tongue about Australia’s sport history…
Coming from Sydney means that there is little cultural divide in this exchange, which made it easy to settle in fairly quickly and make some very good friends. I would not have imagined I would be as close to some of the boys at the beginning of this experience.  It was with these boys that I had my fondest memories that will stay with me for my entire life.
All boys were extremely thankful to staff, Hale host families, friends and boarding house mates who made their experience so enjoyable. In particular Mr Meade, Mr Greenaway, Mr Walsh and Mr Tredget.  Five Hale students also have the opportunity to take part in the exchange programme and to also assist in keeping the bond firm between the respective schools in years to come.
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