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11 May 2016

Hale boys invited to the launch of the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal

Captain Naava Brooks was the guest speaker at the recent launch of the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal held at the Perth Arena on Wednesday 4 May. Ten boys were able to attend the breakfast and listen to Naava’s inspirational words.

Naava has been overseeing the ‘Hang Out’ which is a service learning offering for Year 11 students who visit the Graceville womens’ refuge every Wednesday afternoon. The refuge accommodates victims of domestic violence and a new mentoring programme has been introduced to help these women and their children transition into normal and safe lives. Hale boys act as positive role models and help the children with homework, play games and even sing karaoke! In many cases, this is the first exposure these children have had to positive male role models.

At the visit held Wednesday afternoon, the children were all in super hero costumes with masks (to protect their identity) and they were filmed with the Hale boys for a video to be shown at the inaugural Path of Hope Foundation Ball to be held Saturday 28 May. As is usual the boys worked their magic and a great time was had by all. For information about the ball, please visit http://www.pathofhope.org.au/

Sometimes Hale students best work is done out of uniform.

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